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There are many different magazines, television programs, and even books out there on poker, but few of them focus specifically on female poker players. However, Woman Poker Player Magazine is one of the few publications or shows aimed specifically at female card sharks. The magazine includes interviews, poker news, tips, and more – all geared towards ladies who enjoy the sport of poker. In fact, Woman Poker Player is the only magazine specifically for women poker players on the market today.

Why publish a magazine for women poker players? According to the research done by editor-in-chief Barbara Enright, thirty-five percent of all poker players are women, and women are the fastest growing demographic in poker playing today. And when you factor in that there are over 75 million poker players in the United States – this comes out to a pretty large number of female players.

Ms. Enright is no stranger to poker, of course, but she does much more than just write about the subject. She has the distinction of being the only woman in the World Series of Poker to ever finish at the final table. Further boosting her poker credentials, she also holds three World Series of Poker championship titles – so it’s safe to say that she’s an expert on the field. In addition to providing her own insight, Ms. Enright has also gathered advice and articles from many of the top women poker players and authors on the circuit.

While it’s still a fairly new publication, Woman Poker Player offers a lot to its readers. Its editorials include strategies, tips from the pros – women and men, so readers get the best of both worlds – and much more. The magazine often includes interviews and profiles with popular players, giving its readers insight into how these women have made it to the top in a game dominated by men. It’s a great place for potential female poker champions to get started in the sport.

Woman Poker Player Magazine also includes a few sections no men’s poker magazine would touch that the staff feels are important for women poker players. These range from things like how to form your own women’s poker circle and what foods to serve while playing to the latest in poker playing fashion, and even some health and wellness tips. It might sound like an odd combination of topics, but they blend together quite well and provide information that men may never think about or overlook.

Woman Poker Player Magazine comes out six times a year, and each issue is packed with tips, facts, photos, and more. You can check out some of its content at and purchase a subscription if you like the look of it. Their website also features some extras and tips not in the magazine, such as a list of the top ten female poker players in the world and forums where you can discuss poker with other women. As a female poker player, you won’t find any other publication with so much bang for the buck.

The Online Roulette Game Version

It is a well-known fact that a roulette game may be unpredictable and far not everyone is able to figure out the way to bet and win while playing this classic game of chance. Nevertheless, the online version of the game has destroyed many prejudices in this respect and there are many people, who keep trying to turn it into a moneymaking tool for their own benefit. And the first helper in this, imagine the odds, may be a free roulette game software application, which uses the same random number generator or anything like that. Virtually, any application that is capable of spinning the wheel and rolling the marble is a good choice for that.

There is nothing to learn how to play roulette game on spilleautomater, it much harder to play poker. By the way, want to learn how to play poker? But now we are discussing roullette game and there are a lot of things one has to know of how to bet in this game and how to adjust one’s bets upon every hit in the course of the game. An online roulette game has few advantages one may use, and here are some of them to consider for personal benefit. For example, it is known that any player may play in many places simultaneously or play in many rooms at the same time. The outcomes of this mode are also known and they require not only skills of the gambler, but a good physical shape to stay alert while monitoring a few screens in real time.

The next of the said options is about special software applications with advanced features which are capable of betting in automatic or semi-automatic mode and, here comes the most interesting part, which are able to track down the hits and re-adjust one’s bet pattern accordingly. It is really a sophisticated software application but it works within a particular corridor only. This way of betting minimizes one’s losses significantly and guarantee the beneficial outcomes in any round of some predefined duration.

Finally, there are some other casino roulette applications, which are providing various signaling and warning functions of real value. For example, some applications have highly customized options to limit bets and budget, or, as an alternative, to bet every other game. Any of the said as well as anything else one may find very useful is adding some degree of freedom in online gambling. This is why an online gambling looks more flexible and attractive from the technical point of view. Finding one’s optimal and balanced set of tools may advance one’s online gambling onto a new level of automation and profit size. Yet it is necessary to remind that anything like that may be changed any time because the creators of the flash roulette game applications are not standing in one place and they create always something new to protect their resources. All that looks like an eternal competition between the player and the house, where the player is trying to beat the house and the latter tries to stay secure as much as possible.

The Importance Of A Continuation Bet

A continuation bet is exactly what the name suggest; a bet of the same or greater amount than a bet made before the flop. On most occasions a continuation bet serves as a bluff when you raised preflop with a strong hand but failed to connect on the flop or you are unsure whether or not your hand is in the lead. This is a concept that many new poker players fail to understand and yet it is a crucial component of the game, something that a more knowledgeable poker player will pick up on and exploit to nip away at your chip stack.

Let’s look at an example;

Blinds: 100/200

  • Player 1 You (SB)
  • Player 2 (BB)
  • Player 3
  • Player 4
  • Player 5
  • Player 6 (Dealer)

Players 3,4,5 fold, the dealer calls. You’re holding 9? 9? a strong hand worthy of a raise. You make it 600 to go, the BB calls and the dealer calls.

Three to the flop which comes: 10? K? 4?

You’re holding middle pair and you are first to act. What are you going to do? Let’s run through your possible options:

Check: The worst possible decision. A check is the same as saying “I don’t have a K or a 10”.

Minimum Bet: Better than a check, but given that two players before you called a raise of 3 times the big blind it’s unlikely, they are going to fold when the pot odds dictate, they should call.

Strong Continuation Bet: The best course of action. You bet out 1200 which represents ¾ of the pot. A bet of this magnitude will only keep players holding A-K, A-Q, A-J, A-10. The continuation bet effectively announces to the two players that you hit the flop and you’re ready to raise on the turn and the river. Both players fold and you take down the pot.

A continuation bet also serves as a probing bet, it will give you a better idea of where your hand is and whether you are still in the lead. If a player calls your continuation bet, be ready to fold on the turn if you don’t hit your draw or improve your hand. Remember that if an opponent calls your continuation bet you must be prepared to fold. You should never consider yourself pot committed after a continuation bet.

You must use the continuation bet sparingly. If you constantly raise the pot after every flop the more observant players at the table will begin to take notice and will not give you credit for having the hand you are trying to represent.

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